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The Weathered Collection of finishes feature a predetermined selection of numerous finish techniques to create the extremely worn and aged appearance in this custom finish. The Weathered finish is available only in the specific seven color/wood options pictured below. The techniques included are: worm holing, edge and panel gouging, wearing, dry brush glazing, rock dents, fly-specking and black highlight (modifications not available). This is a hand-applied finish.




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Weathered Collection

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Weathered Finishes

Weathered Finish Techniques are hand applied, and the level of each technique will vary from piece to piece and should be expected. Doors, frames, moulding, finished ends and miscellaneous items will have various forms of these finish techniques. Weathered is available on maple, alder, cherry, oak, and hickory wood species (Not Available with Thermafoil). Not available with Metropolitan Door Style.

*Internet technology does not allow for completely accurate reproduction of wood, stain or paint colors. Visit an independent retailer to view displays and samples for actual colors.  W. W. Wood Products, Inc. does not guarantee that all information on this site is accurate. Although every attempt is made to ensure the information on this site is kept current and accurate, specifications can change without notice.